Give your team the edge it needs to succeed

Edgycation™ provides a mental gym for strengthening today’s workforce to improve productivity and increase profitability. Our one-hour workshops are custom designed for participants to experience growth where they need it most.  


Taste Mindfulness: Enhancing focus in the workplace

This experiential workshop introduces techniques on attention optimization. Your team will undergo a sensory experience using food as a metaphor to understand distractibility in the workplace. Participants will learn to: Harness their awareness, increase productivity and sales, enhance work-life satisfaction and focus on what really matters. 


Dear Technology, are we friends? How to build a healthy relationship with technology.

This workshop tackles today’s distracted mind and provides techniques for managing our evolving relationship with technology.  A series of interactive challenges will highlight both our reliance and vulnerability to technology.  Participants learn how to balance between Tech-Heavy and Tech-Lite modes, leverage technology for productivity and actively regain focus. Takeaways to include practical and easy to follow guidelines to creating better balance with our “smart” devices.


GOT “GRIT?”: Bringing passion and perseverance into the workplace.

GRIT helps teams harness their passion and perseverance in the face of obstacles and adversity. In this workshop, we will address key issues like workplace stagnation, dysfunction and burnout by offering positive solutions for change.  Participants learn how to adopt a strengths-based team approach and channel their inner leader.  This session prepares professionals for failing forward and pivoting towards success in today’s versatile marketplace.


Refining Communication to Increase Sales

In this workshop, Edgycation will train your employees to communicate with clients and colleagues more effectively by utilizing selected techniques from mindfulness and corporate psychology. We will tackle some of the challenges your employees currently face in communicating with customers and collaborating with colleagues. Through interactive experiences,  role plays, and videos, we will demonstrate the advantages of mindful/active listening, nuanced micro expressions, and nonverbal communication. We will provide multiple tips and tools to utilize during their work day in order to improve communication, increase productivity, and thereby profitability. Edgycation will provide take-away materials, as well as follow up communication to help sustain the workshop’s impact.


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