Unplug. Pause. Notice.

I woke up this morning at 7:00am. My phone on the other hand decided that it wanted to sleep late.

No calls, emails, texts, or data. 

Normally, my first reaction is to panic. What if someone is trying to contact me? What if I need to answer that email from my boss at 7am?

Then it clicked. (Ironic no?)

Just Pause.

What's the worst possible thing that could happen if I don't use my phone at 7 in the morning? 

Instead of thinking about what negative things can happen without my phone, I began to think of the positives of not having access to the multitude of offerings a phone can provide.

I could use the time to study for an upcoming licensure exam that I have been pushing off for so many months. I could notice the sights and sounds as I walk to the train and once off the train I could notice the multitude of offerings that NYC can provide.

And I did exactly that. By the time I walked into my office, I felt a different vibe than usual. A fresh vibe.

Of course once I got to work my phone decided to wake up and I went back to my usual ways. 

But for those few hours between waking up and walking into work, it made the difference in my day.

We shouldn't need our phones to shut down on us in order for us to take a pause and notice what's around us. We should all take the time to pause and notice on a regular basis. 

You'd be surprised at what you will notice.

Try it, and let us know how it went. 

To Share ?

I am lucky today. I walked through a beautiful sculpture park. Admiring the work of many talented artist who took time to create. 

to create art from the gift they have been blessed with. 

it reminds me , if you have a gift and you have been

blessed , share it . Let others enjoy your gift

#blessed .  

Relaying a Message

I was reminded of the value of relaying a message and the effects of doing so.

In the office yesterday we were wishing a friend Happy Birthday through Video chat and they requested I relay a message to mutual acquaintance who i happened to be seeing the following day.

I set a geotag reminder and went about my day. 

I met up with our mutual acquaintance and the reminder activated. I relayed the message and saw the power of that message and its effect it had.

A sigh of relief? A smile? Laughter? whatever the reaction was , it was real and and beautiful,  and I am proud to have relayed that message.


Chance encounter and being present

This morning i met a friend to catch up. My friend who happens to work in commodities, among other ventures. We covered for what felt like hours and then went to our sport offices. I took a driver to my office who I immediately connected with and we began to share with each other. Turns out he has an opportunity in the commodity market and needs guidance and how to move forward. My mind exploded at this emergence of OPPORTUNITY. We exchanged information and am currently working with both my friend and the driver to see how we can make this opportunity a reality, who knows !!!! but i will tell you that when you are present and aware you will be amazed what comes your way.